Free Night

I'll find that green fairy one day...
Finally we got a free night. And you can't imagine how good that sounds after having been on kids for over ten days. Los Belones took on a whole different aspect to us as we strolled around it at 12 in the night after having beer and Absnthe. I'm still on the quest for the green fairy (don't worry though, I'm exaggerating over here, it was hardly anything). We meet some geeky Spanish youngsters who thought we were so cool because we were foreigners and dicied to follow us wherever we went. Eventually we managed to escape them. Yep. It was grand.

Dream Come True...Well, Sorta

I sang at the karaoke bar the other night. It's something I've been wanting to do for years. One of those love-it-but-hate-it things. Of course, when you're stuck in a town so tiny you can see the end of it on both sides, you welcome any distraction. Adam works in a bar right next door doing karaoke on fridays and saturdays, so Mel and I begged to sing.
Of course, I've never sung in front of people before, never mind a bunch of strangers. So it was pretty funny. I made Mel sing with me so I wouldn't die. Then we begged to be put on again, this time seperately.... it was fun.
So yeah, that's been pretty much the highlight of the week. You really should see this town. "Los Belones." Makes you want to cry.
I went to the beach yesterday. Second time in the whole year. I don't like beaches.

Banana Leaf Wood

It came to me during lunch. The brilliant idea that will make me rich.
It all started when my daddy decides to make me try and figure out from what wood our little fish-shaped hot pad is made. Of course, being me, I said "Banana wood!" And of course it turns out to be bamboo wood.
But no matter.
What really does matter is that our little fishy all of a sudden became my shinning beacon of inspiration as it aided me in cooking up my genius plan. So everyone prepare for.....(drumroll)....
It actually makes sense, you know. If people can take wood shavings and press them back together to make "wood" and then sell them to you as kitchens, why can't I do that with banana leafs? I'll take the yellow ones-so they look more like wood and I don't damage the tree-press them, shape them, and there you have it! Plus, I'm accomplishing a great environmental endeavor over here. Can't you just see the newspaper headlines?
See, I told you so. You wish now you had thought of this first.
So am I cool or am I not cool.

It Starts...

So yeah...I did it. I'm part of the freaky bloggers society. It was my golden birthday gift to me, from me. Oh I'm so happy...(Llama Face...)

Of course, my birthday was on the 17th, but that doesn't matter. If you'd been drafted to Los Belones too, you would have been to traumatized to create a blog on your birthday either!

So I think we should move on to happier things thoughts on my new year.


I'm now 17...RUBBISH! I'm one year from 18...DOUBLE RUBBISH!! I'm gonna go to jail.....cus I'm 17...AND I CAN DIE IF I WANT TO!!!

I mean, the party was fine, we went out and acted like retards(haha, like that's news). There were some dancers up on stage doing a jig, and they had some serious constipation issues. No offense. I'm sure they put lots of work into creating something I could do right along with them. (Ozie loved the ballet)

And then they had some sort of open air disco. With lousy spanish techno...we tried to get them to put on Sean Paul at least, but they didn't have it.

Did they even know who he is?

The Invitations to the Party were rather exclusive...or maybe there were just not that many people.