Vain Babbalings

Today is Amelia's birthday, she's officially not a baby anymore. My daddy and Mel and Ozie are coming back from Los Belones today, (about bloody time, the poor people) and Mishu is gonna try and terrify them by wearing a pink polka dotted skirt and some yellow top. I think it just might work. Tomorrow is the long awaited party, and there will be a grand total of 26 people, out of which only 3 are guys. I'm telling you, spain needs new blood. I'm supposed to go make the schedule now but I really don't want to. So it makes me very happy that Mel is coming home, so she can take it over again. Yayyyy. So I guess that's it. Rmember to be happy everyone, even though you miss me so very much.
Okay, bye bye.

Oh no, wait, one more thing. Watch this, it gave me a good laugh.


I'm sorry. He's just to beautiful not to post about. I miss him.

Has it ever occured to you...

....why in movies it shows all the cool people crack their knuckles before they beat each other up???

Is that supposed to be scary?

Really, it just means they have a bad habit.

Sniff Sinff

The Olympics came to a close today, how sad. Whatever will we do at 1 o'clock in the morning now? The crazy Spanish sports commentators and the laughs they gave us will be missed(Example, and say it all Very fast: GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL VIVA ESPANA!!!!!!!!! please forgive the lack of the wavey thing over the "n", this is not a spanish keyboard.)
I picked up a lot of spanish over these 20some days thanks to the olympics.
So we shall have to wait till London 2012 for the next games, and who says I'll be in spain by then?? Oh and by the way, I am sooooo very scandalized about the closing ceremony. Meaning Jimmy Page preforming with Leona Lewis. I mean, dude, you were part of LED ZEPPILIN for crying out loud. How did you end up singing with her?


Yayyyyy it's over!
Meaning the three days of working at Aqua, i.e. the shopping center that hires us each week for ballooning. But this time,in occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix here in Valencia, which by the way is a BIG thing, the owner deiced to hire us to do publicity for the mall. Fun fun.
He said he was gonna hire models for the job but then went with us....cus we're so pretty. Am I supposed to feel good about that??? Nope.
So yeah, pretty much what we had to do was walk around Valencia for six hours straight handing out flyers. Thankfully no camera was available so we all can be spared footage of me attacking people with little papers.

Space Balls

I love this movie. I swear it's absolutely hilarious. Pure genius. You really should watch it if you haven't yet, cus you have no idea of what you're missing.
This is one of my favorite parts from it.


Happy Birthday Mishu!!!!! Have fun being a "random age" as you would put it.
P.S. We better have a kick-ass party on the 29th.

And a special, heartfelt, Happy Birthday to a very good friend. Claire. I love you to bits and truly hope you will have a wonderful year. You are an awesome person.

Bunch of beans

Today me and Mishu bonded considerably for freeday. It's the first time just me and her go out together, as I already have with Ozie and Mel (don't even get me started on the amount of bonding me and Mel went through in Los Belones). Being with Mishu gives me a considerable asset. Aka the camera.

I'm still alive....

Gosh you have no idea of what happened today. If I thought the journey to Los Belones was bad.....I take it all back. Gee I thought I was gonna die.
But let's start from the beginning. I took the bus from Cartagena to Valencia at 4:15 pm this afternoon. I reached my destination four hours later, very overjoyed to be back home...well, almost home.
I wait 20 minutes, nobody shows up. Well, nothing to worry about. You can't expect someone to be there so soon right? I wait another 20 minutes, still nobody. The minutes become hours.
Three and a half, to be precise. I try calling home repeatedly, but the number I was given is wrong, there's only some yucky rude lady on the other end who hangs up on me unceremoniously and shatters hopes to bits in the process. The meager amount of five euro my dad handed me on a last minute impulse--seeing I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING on me(wasn't my fault, nobody gave me anything)--are quickly spent on the evil pay phone that gives no change.
Finally my mom shows up. Man am I glad when she does!
Apprently, people had forgotten to comunicate my voyage to each other. Not so nice.
But I'm still alive....right?
Although during that seemingly never-ending wait I did sceam out in my brain more than once: "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!"

For Luca

This is espcially for you Luca.

Can you believe it???? Someone actually did this before us. Gosh.

I hope you feel guilty now.

You and your reluctance.