Not much to say in these days, primarily because there's not much to do, except read. And when things are like this, Facebook has the annoying tendency of being a better outlet for foolish updates.
No matter, we shall change that. Make this blog a worthwhile occupant of its internet space. Yessire you can count on me.
So, where do we start? I dunno. I'll post some cool stories when I have some cool stories to post about. But for now, I think I'll go to the library.
P.S. Read Orwell, he's amazing. And listen to Rachmaninov. And Chopin. And have fun while you can.

Talk about Beauty

I really can't say much about this post, or you'll just get a very sentimental Esy going on an on about how much she loves this instrument. If you love it too, sit back and be awed with me, if you don't, sit back and be awed anyway.

I guess it's officially official....

So it has been for the past month.
Yeah, you guessed it.
I'll miss Ozie, I'll miss Esty, I'll miss Esty's boys. I'll miss being a foreigner, speaking a different language, having to do with a different culture. I'll miss the city, large, modern, full of life. I'll miss Ozie's and mine weekly trips to it on our freeday, and coming back more exhausted than when we left. I'll miss L'Eliana, Mercadona, Open Core, and the Emo Square. I'll miss training. I'll even miss the two kilometers from the metro stop to our house. I swear. I'll miss the spanish food. I'll miss Eman and all the retarded names we gave each other for all the sports we'd challenge each other to (Jean Claude, Buga Buga...) heck with it all....I'll miss Spain.