Movie Week

So it's not like a person like me can do anything with some degree of measure right? Right. I haven't been to the movies in almost a year, and now I'm going twice in two days...
We watched Avatar today, and though I was put off by the trip most of the populace was on, I'm ultimately satisfied with it. I went into the cinema expecting some huge action movie with great effects, and found myself watching a great movie made by a visionary genius (yes with great effects too). Oh and he managed to throw in a decent storyline...koodos.
But what I am REALLY anticipating is Alice In Wonderland....Tim Burton is my man, and I don't even have to wait to watch it to know I adore it. (Now just you wait....I'll hate it....Murphy's fucking Law I say.)
Thanks for listening to this blabber. And thank you everyone who follows, comments, or just reads this blog, it's nice to know my point of view gets feedback.
Goodnight people.