Everything and Nothing

I am seriously starting to question the effectiveness of going to bed purposely early to be able to study the next morning if I can't sleep. Bah.
Other than that, things have been quite interesting. We've been having friends over for the past month or so, and now my brother and hie family have gotten back from South Africa as well. Things here are never boring...and crowded! The darling nephew.

I've managed to develop a healthy obsession with electronica, electro-pop, new wave, trip-hop, or really anthing with a synthezier in it. My newest find is Isao Tomita. But my personal bests are probably Portishead and Depache Mode.

Some other great music I've been delving in is folk and all it's subsets. Older italian artists were pretty great at that.

Also, something I've found rather refreshing and inspiring are anime series from the '80. The five of us younger siblings have been having a great time re-viewing those cartoons we watched as lil' kids.
Our all-time favorite is Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac).

Taking off for now. Back soon. If this post doesn't keep you entertained till then, I really don't know what will.