"Don't be so safe, you miss the fun."

The image above is from one of my favorite children's book authors, Dallas Clayton.  If you aren't familiar with the super awesome Mr. Clayton, check out one of my favorite books of his (er, Henry's favorite book of his) here. And what a fitting quote, huh?  I think it's pretty perfect, because the whole idea of just kind of 'letting go' is always on my mind during the summertime.  I wouldn't say I'm uptight by any means, but as much as I love life I sometimes I find myself needing to be reminded to relax and kick back. It's something I actually have had to work at, as weird as that sounds. Luckily I ended up marrying one of the most fun-loving people I've ever met, so Hank really does a good job of reminding me to just relax and enjoy, and together we've gone on a lot of adventures that I look back on and smile.  He gets me out of my comfort zone, and over the past seven years I love how much that's changed me. We balance each other out well. And when I saw this quote on Dallas' tumblr, I knew I had to share it!

Happy Monday everyone, and have FUN!  Here's to light hearts, adventures, and making the most of these last days of summer.