Thank you to all of the bad times.

[photo credit unknown- please link me if you know]

Man oh man. Could a piece of paper be more on point? I love it, and really enjoy this simple reminder to be in the present- to be in the now. It's far too easy to think your ship is off course; to begin to believe that missteps or bad choices you've made have ruined things, slowed you down, or stopped progress all together. But really, it's all part of a huge, open-ended journey. There have been so many things in my past that I've felt regretful about. And sure, "no regrets" is a great mantra, but in reality it's hard to look at things you view negatively in such a flippant light. If you get down to the nitty-gritty of it though, here you are now. Right here. And you wouldn't be right here without that, that, or even that. As for me, I like where I am. In fact, I love it. So in a strange way, I thank all of those bad times, the sad ones too, for being a part of this trip. Thank you, boy who broke my heart, way back when.  You somehow made me realize that good guys really are the best guys. That jerks aren't worth my time, and if I don't value myself, no one will. Thank you, ex-friend who ruined so many good memories, thank you for indirectly pointing out that you really are the company you keep. Thank you bad choices, who peppered high school with then-excitement, now-cringe-worthy moments. I appreciate all of those naive choices, wild adventures and crazy times. I'm so grateful for the boys I've dated, the people I've met, tears, anger, sadness, stress, all of it. It's all a huge part of this tapestry I've been weaving. Piece by piece. Step by step. It's a ladder, a map, a road, a path. I don't even know where it's going, but I've come to realize that cursing the past only tarnishes the future. It discounts all the work you've done to get where you are. Accepting that all of it has brought you here, to this place...that is priceless. So today when I found myself reading that quote up there I was filled with a deep happiness. I felt joyful. For a long time now I've loved where I am, and I've loved the path I'm on, and today I was reminded of just how important that is. And perhaps you'll enjoy the reminder, too. Love you all!