Today and tomorrow: an accidental letter


Hi and hello!  How are you doing? I'm not really sure why I started this post like a letter, but I'm just going to go with it. So, consider this a letter to a friend, from a friend! ha. :) I sure hope you are in fact doing well, having a great day, and have an upcoming three-day weekend full of fun to look forward to. Aren't Fridays the best? When I was a teacher we had half days every Wednesday so it broke up the week so perfectly. By the time you got that mini-day mid-week it felt like the week was almost over and work flew on by. Now that I stay home, the days all feel the same if I don't plan things to break it up.  Right now we have a little routine going with storytime at the library and standing playdates with mama friends, but it's still hard to know what day is what.  But of all the days, I love the library time most of all, because it reminds me a lot of my own Mom and the fun afternoons we'd spend looking through books.  You know that quote- "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." I feel like that couldn't be more true.

And on the subject of books, I've finally gotten around to reading Divergent, thanks to two Laurens in my life (my sister and Ms. Busy Bee!).  I love it so far and it's definitely in the vein of The Hunger Games, so if you like that series, check it out. Granted, I'm only about a quarter done, but I can tell I'm going to love it.

In other news (bad, bad news)...I have a consultation today for my wisdom teeth. Funny story- Hank got his wisdom teeth out a few months ago, and I think I may have said annoying things like, "ahh I feel bad for you, I love that I don't have any wisdom teeth!" Yup. I was under the impression that I had no wisdom teeth and then proceeded to kind of rub that into my ailing husband's swollen face. ;) How I thought that was the case, I really don't know. But a couple weeks ago when I was getting my teeth cleaned, I mentioned how relieved I felt that I didn't have any, and my hygienist came back with "Really? I don't think you're right, let me look in your file." So to make a long story short, apparently a teeth cleaning that happened way back in May 2008 (the week of our wedding) had produced a slip of paper to go see the doctor about my wisdom teeth, which do in fact, exist.  In the craziness of that week it totally slipped my mind and apparently disappeared all together.  So, bringing us back to the current sad state of my impacted wisdom teeth, they must come out, and today I'll find out when. I shudder at the thought.

But in better, non-terrible-teeth news, there are few things I'm really excited about this month:

the "anniversary" of Hank and my first date. It's been seven years now and we still celebrate this special little day. Maybe silly, but I love it.

Sarah and Andy get married in just a few weeks and I'm so excited to stand up as her Matron of Honor. It's going to be such a beautiful night.

a girl's trip to Vegas I'm taking at the end of the month. I'm going with my friend Anita, and meeting up with a bunch of other fun ladies, some of which you may know from around the blogging world.

I'll be back later with some links, so until then have a great Friday.  And since this is a letter I'll end it like one -

Love you, and talk to you soon!