Weekend links!

took this last night- and it's become one of my most favorite photos ever. It makes me beyond happy :)

Happy weekend, everyone! This is a FUN weekend up here in our little town, because we're kicking off Best Fest, which is a huge Arizona celebration. Roads are blocked off, stages are up, beer gardens are flowing...it's definitely a party downtown. Hank, Henry and I ventured down there yesterday just to scope out the parking situation for later today and we're really excited to celebrate our wonderful state and town. We're such nerds for Arizona.

And speaking of excited, I am really, really excited about the movie I saw Thursday night with Michelle and Adie. We went and watched The Help and I loved it. Like really, really loved it and want to recommend it to every person I meet. The book was amazing, and I thought the film totally did it justice. So go see it if you haven't!

A few blog-related items:

This past week the lovely ladies at Anjolee sent me over a pair of diamond stud earrings to check out. I don't normally wear earrings, but I couldn't resist how gorgeous they were when I put them on, and I've had the diamond studs in my ears every day since.  I've gotten a million compliments, especially on how well they pick up light. I feel fancy! ;) I'm super appreciative of the stud earrings they sent me and I wanted to encourage all of you to check them out if you have a moment (they have more than just diamond stud earrings if you're in the mood to browse)!

Also, this little blog was featured in the Phoenix New Times this week- awesome, right? Click here to check it out.

And now, some links! Enjoy.

How fab is this new jewelry line? Loving the green and gold the most. I discovered it when my friend's sister (who runs one of my most favorite blogs for all things vegan!) posted about it- the designer, Christina, is a friend of theirs, and now here I am sharing the prettiness with all of you. Yay for supporting local, too!

And this same blog friend just started a new blog all about their renovation of a 1974 Airstream Sovereign. I find it to be so fascinating and I just spent the better part of Henry's morning nap looking through past entries. Jennifer, you rock! Check out airstreamy.

This ring. Just YES! ;)

Those pancakes! That soup! I want to have my birthday with Katie next year- she sure does it in style!

And speaking of birthdays, look at this perfect party (for one of my most favorite blog friends).

I fell in love with this 30th Anniversary shoot. This couple is adorable.

Martha, oh Martha. Loving this idea for a fall party.

Raw, vegan, cashew maple oatmeal squares. Whoa.

What a beautiful reminder from one of my favorite blogs.

Oprah, I love you.

How cute is Katie? Her outfit has got me really excited for fall.

Holy moly this photo is THE cutest thing I've ever seen! Thank you Carly for the link.

And if like that, you'll love this.

I really enjoy those "photo an hour" posts, and this one was extra sweet!

Have a great weekend everyone!