Books, books, books!

Summer Readin'
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I don't know what it is, but with this cooler weather comes a new and refreshed love for reading.  By nature I am a total bookworm; my undergrad degree was in glorious English Literature and some of my most favorite memories from college involve fall days in one of my Lit. classes, talking about books and authors and all things reading. Because most of my classes were in the same part of campus, I would often sit out front of the liberal arts building with a book and a chai tea from the union, sipping away as I got lost in one story after another, looking up only to notice someone passing by on a bike or a lonely little fall leaf skipping down the Autumn walkway. I loved college.

But even better than college? Having an hour or two to myself in the evenings to curl up in bed with a mug of Sleepytime tea and read until my eyelids get heavy. College was great, but nothing beats the feeling of reading just for fun, with no other purpose than true curiousity and the desire to learn or be entertained.

So I ask you; what is the last great book you've read? If you could suggest one book to a friend (me!), what would you recommend?  I'm looking to fill up my Kindle and bookshelves as these days get cooler, and I'd love to know what you've been reading! I like all sorts of writing, from fiction to non-fiction, memoirs to sci-fi, girly books to YA lit.  I can't wait to see what you share.