an interview with T of Upper Metal Class

Many of you may already know about Upper Metal Class, but if you don't, you're in for a treat. Upper Metal Class is a jewelry line out of Portland, OR, and their designer T creates truly gorgeous pieces. They are my XL sponsor for the month and today I am sharing a bit more about them via this interview with the insanely creative and talented T.

Tell us a little about Upper Metal Class.

Upper Metal Class is defined as a minimalist cool with a hint of light hearted fun. It's subtle yet makes a big statement of less is more with a sense of confidence. The jewelry line is developed upon simple designs to become part of the wardrobes basically cool everyday go to pieces. Upper Metal Class originates from Los Angeles, CA by designer T and now operates in Portland, Oregon.

Where do you find your inspiration to create such beautiful pieces?

First and foremost my inspiration comes from my mother then comes architecture, construction, math, science, and the natural life all around us. They are the strong sleek lines + curves in buildings, imperfect yet beautiful cracks in sidewalks, cool shapes in objects and the unbelievable patterns formed by nature. All these things including the connection between people are what influences and gives meaning to each carefully handcrafted design.

Look around you. What are the first five things that catch your eye?

The first five beautiful things I see have to be awesome artwork from David Hinnebusch, an amazing painting from Bert Esenherz, the beautiful fall leaves outside my window, a bouquet of roses and of course my two dogs.

What is your background? 

I believe my hard work, determination and creativity definitely stems from my mother. As a young girl I would help my mother with small sewing projects she'd take home from her second job when she was a production sewer in the fashion industry. She didn't have much money back then to constantly buy new clothes for a growing girl so she made most of my awesome outfits for me. Because of my mothers love for nature and plants she eventually put herself back into school to learn landscaping, which turned into a very successful business. When I turned 12 she used to take me along with her team during summers not only to keep an eye on me, but also to put me to work digging in the hot sun to create tranquil ponds, transporting heavy stone to create beautiful flower beds and other things like laying down pipes for sprinkler systems. I never saw it then, but through my mother I learned to reach fro my dreams by hard work and determination. This all eventually leading up to my degree in Fashion Design soon going straight to work in the industry working in operations, design, sales, wardrobe + styling for film/commercials and photo shoots. I always had an itch to make jewelry so one day I decided to do some dabbling and enrolled myself in a few classes. From there I ended up make pieces for myself, putting them up for sale on Etsy for fun and eventually it evolved into a real business. I take pride in everything I do and I feel grateful for everything in my life that has lead me to who I am today.

Thank you so much T for being a part of my blog for the day! I just love your creations.