Henry: 11 months

Oh my word. 11 months. It's so hard to believe that our little guy will be ONE on November 22nd.  This past month has been the most fun yet. His personality is shining through and everyday I fall a little more in love with him.

Henry loves to laugh and smile, and he is a total goof ball. Right now he's very into building things (then knocking them down), the color yellow, reading so many books, Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street, toys where he has to match things (like colors or shapes), standing on his own, and I'd say his current favorite meal is either sweet potatoes with organic cheese or pinto beans and avocado. A boy after my own heart and stomach!

And...BIG NEWS...Henry took his very first steps this past weekend, on Saturday, October 29th to be exact. He was holding onto the side of the couch, then let go, then decided to take three shaky steps all on his own. I squealed and scared him, so he fell and started crying. Silly mama. But it was so awesome to see it happen, and it was equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking thinking that he will be super mobile so soon.

Another neat thing he does now is recognize objects or people by their names. We play the name game, and I'll say "banana" and he can point to it in a book, or go get it across the room. Other things he knows: football, light, fan, baby, teddy bear, water, mama, and dada. He's been pointing up at the fan whenever we say "Henry, where's the fan?" for a couple of months but now he's starting to really understand other words too. He will also "high five" or "double high five" when we prompt him to. The cutest thing ever is when he grabs the football and we say "spike it!" He'll throw it down on the ground. Kills me every time.

Picnik collage11months

This month Henry:
  • is so, so chatty and "talks" to everyone and everything, all day long. It almost sounds like he's speaking a foreign language with the inflections and pauses. So neat.
  • points at everything
  • is very, very curious about how things work
  • is still breastfeeding but down to about three times a day, sometimes more or less depending on him
  • naps twice a day
  • sleeps 12-14 hours through the night
  • experienced his first Halloween
  • has been an eating machine!
  • has very cranky, crying, screamy days when he is teething
  • likes to feed himself- trying with a spoon but he definitely hasn't mastered that
  • is very cuddly, even more so than usual

Overall it's just so exciting to know that in a few weeks Henry will be a year old. I've been thinking a lot about this past year, and how lucky I feel to be this little boy's mama. I can't even put into words the way he's enriched our lives and everything he taught us. It's amazing. His first birthday party is coming up soon too, so I've been focused on getting ready for that, I think it's going to be a ton of fun.  I really enjoy throwing parties and entertaining, so it's been exciting thinking of how I want to celebrate Henry and this past year. I can't wait!

Happy 11 months Henry, we love you!