a Saturday afternoon sweets date yesterday - we split a red velvet cupcake and Henry wanted some of it so badly!

Sundays are the best, aren't they? On this particular Sunday we woke up at my parents', and I can hear Henry and my Mom playing downstairs. After I fed Henry and handed him down to her, I snuck off into another guest room to let Hank sleep in for awhile longer. If we were at home I'd most likely be nice and do the same, so I'd be the one out playing with Henry- so I'm grateful for this little block of time to do as I please. And how am I using this time? Like any internet-loving girl: I'm blogging, playing on Pinterest for a bit, and I will (maybe) answer some of the many emails I need to get to.

Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. I feel lucky that my parents were never the type to force us out of bed. This sounds crazy, but when I was teenager if I wanted to sleep in until 2pm my Mom would let me! I think it's because I worked so hard during the week (and most weekends) playing sports, so I think my parents saw any day I could sleep in as a special kind of thing. I just feel very grateful they weren't the "rise and shiiiiiine, sleepyhead" while throwing open the shades kind of parents.

Now I'm a morning person on my own, and having a baby has solidified this even more. Most mornings I'm up in the five o'clock hour, and often just lay there, half-sleeping until Henry finally gets up around 7am. Lately though as the mornings have stayed darker for longer, he's been sleeping in longer and the other day he slept in until 8:30. I was beside myself with what to do, but then realized good old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was waiting patiently for me in our DVR. Thank god.

The rest of today will be fun- in a moment I'll wake Hank up, then my family and I will head out to do the Sunday ritual we always do when down in the valley, breakfast and a Trader Joe's run. We don't yet have a TJ's two hours north up where we live, although miraculously they're building one set to open this winter (YES!).  After that I'm planning on a nice, long gym visit, then it's back to my parents' to get ready for Danny and Janay's wedding! Like I mentioned on Friday, this is the seventh wedding of 2011 for us, and the last, so I'm looking forward to dancing the night away with Hank.

Happy Sunday, everyone!