Tuesday happiness: 5 things I'm loving

Today is a really good day for no particular reason, and I'm welcoming it in with open arms because it means I have just one more day until Hank gets home! I don't know how I ever got by when he was gone for months at time touring with his band. Obviously it's much harder now since Henry's in the picture, but at the heart of the matter I just miss him more than ever when he's gone on business trips.  Anytime I'm alone for more than a couple of days with Henry it really puts a lot into perspective and makes me think of my girlfriends who have husbands in the military or who are single mamas. I won't pretend for a second that Hank's absence for a few days can even compare, but I will say that it makes me think of these women as true super Moms. My hats off to you, ladies. You are truly amazing.

With that said, I thought I'd share a quick little list of things that I'm currently loving!

1. This video. It's absolutely a must-watch. I personally don't mind getting older one bit, and I found this clip to be incredibly inspiring.

2. The My New Roots blog. This is my most favorite blog right now. I highly recommend it to you if you're into whole living, healthy food, or just want a burst of inspiration.

3. Awesomely fun things for my iphone like the Phoster app, which my friend Sarah reminded me of it this morning. I've recently utilized it to make little cards and notes to send to Hank, but after Sarah used it on Instagram today I thought that it might be fun to use in your blog or make your photos even prettier. It's really amazing and what I used to make that pink poster right there. It's $1.99 but definitely worth it.

Some other apps I'm loving lately:

-the Joann and Michael's apps for coupons. I wish all stores offered this.

-Postalpix. You can order photos straight from your phone, and they print in all sizes, including square pictures for Instagram photos. This app is quick and super easy to use. I highly recommend it!

4. The Wonder Years on Netflix. I feel like my prayers have been answered with this one. The Wonder Years is one of my all-time favorite television shows from way back when and I've been absolutely loving being able to watch any of the 114 episodes on Instant Play (there's actually 115 episodes but Netflix doesn't stream the clips episode). Another show I've just recently gotten into- Breaking Bad. I watched the first episode while running on the treadmill the other night and I'm hooked.

5. The extreme organizing that has been going on in our house! Hank and I are both neat freaks (he's always been, and I've made my way to becoming one over the past few years), and lately I have been on an organizing kick. My Shop My Closet was a big part of that, and this past go 'round I managed to really whittle my closet down to the essentials. I still have a few items left, as well as some new additions, so head over and check it out! I moved all of the available items to the first few pages, and feel free to use code "sometimessweet" for 10% anything.

Well I'm off to do a little birthday party crafting before Henry wakes up! His party is on Saturday and I'm so excited to have (almost) all of our friends and family in one place.

And if you have a moment, how about you? Is there anything in particular you're really loving right now?

Happy Tuesday! xoxo