Annoying/Endearing Things We Do...and the Best Video Ever

How about that for a weird post title, right? So. My friend Erin sent me this video last night and Hank and I probably watched it a good five times, laughing until our cheeks hurt. I just watched it again and loved it just as much. I can't even get over how much this video is ME...and maybe you'll feel the same way about yourself too once you watch it. And the chips at the end? Ahhh, so perfect. And those chips got me to thinking about how we all do things that our partners find annoying (I like to call it "endearing"). Being the curious person that I am, I'd love to know what little things you do that drives your significant other (or even roommate) a little batty.

I'll start!

Okay so I definitely do a few things that Hank finds to be annoying. He does his own little irritating things too, but I think when you've been together for almost eight years like us it's all just part of a lot of funniness. Most of the time I try and make an effort to improve these little quirky habits, but sometimes I just get a kick out of doing them because I find his annoyance a little amusing. Sorry, Hank.

1. Our garage opens to our laundry room, which opens into our kitchen, and whenever I come into the house via the garage (which is 99% of the time), I kick off my shoes immediately. I don't know why I do this, I've never done it in any of the houses we've lived in before, but it's such a habit now. So when Hank walks in the same way he always notices them, and usually lets out a little sigh and moves them. I try to remember not to do it, but most of the time you can find whatever shoes I'm wearing for the day right there.

2. I don't keep the toothpaste tube neat. I mean, I don't let it get disgusting, but I don't always clean off the top of it and this is probably the thing that drives Hank the most batty. He dislikes it so much that now we even have our own toothpaste tubes.

3. This is one that my parents find to be a little silly, and I've done this ever since I was little. Rather than eat a whole cookie or cracker, I'd always just eat half, than put it back in the container. My Mom still laughs when she finds little half eaten chocolate chip cookies or crackers to this day after our visits. It's not like I eat half of all of the cookies in the container- I usually just want a bite of one, but I always go back later and finish it up.

I'm weird. But I think we all are, right? Now I'm curious to see if there's anything you do that drives your significant other or roommate crazy! Do tell!

p.s. Lauren of With Two Cats interviewed me and posted it today- I'm her Supermom of the week! So neat. Thanks again Lauren for having me.  Be sure to check out her blog too- it's one of my daily reads and really, truly fantastic. I can almost guarantee you'll love it!