Happy Friday-before-Christmas!

a summary of my week- lots of time spent outside, enjoying the beautiful weather in Phoenix at my parents'.

First of all, how on earth is it already Friday? I know if you go back in my blogs I'm sure I sound like a broken record come the holiday season but it really does sneak up on you! Luckily Christmas shopping is done and now I can relax and enjoy it, but still...slow down! I haven't much time to blog this week, let alone set aside time for reading blogs to fuel my links post, but I do have a few things to share with all of you wonderful people!

Some things that made me happy this past week: spending time with my family down in Mesa, having a fun night with Sarah watching her wedding video, getting my hair cut and colored, getting to workout even more than usual thanks to my sweet Mom watching Henry, enjoying a great lunch at Pita Jungle, seeing my old friends completely happy with where they are in life, discovering new music, making travel plans for 2012, getting excited for Amber Joy to be here this weekend, and realizing that I don't have much on my wish list outside of happiness and health for my family.  Pretty great feeling considering I sometimes find myself getting a little too wrapped up in the material side of the holidays. It's nice to just focus on what really matters.

Pita Jungle with Mom and Lauren

I also have a couple blog-related things to share:
  • I've recently gotten a few emails asking about my "9 to 5" feature. I still have a few to share, but I'm taking a mini-break from them so I can get the last 3-4 organized. I am not taking new submissions, but the ones I have will be up sometime soon. I also have a few "Slice of" posts to share (remember those?) so look for those early 2012.
  • I wanted to say thank you for all of your music recommendations in my Spotify post! I've checked out all of the new-to-me artists mentioned and just really want all of you to know how much I appreciate it! New music is the best.
And now, some links! I hope you have the best holiday weekend. I'll be back later with a little peek at our Christmas decor. xoxo


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