3 Ways to Get Motivated Today

If you're anything like me, with the new year usually comes a new resolve to get moving and get healthy.  I'm not sure if it's a subconscious thing, due to all of the new year, new body talk, gym membership price-slashing, or just the habit of making resolutions, but even if I'm on top of my fitness routine I still get the urge to step it up. I know I love fresh starts and all of the implications of a brand new 12 months on the calendar, but I think it's important to move beyond feeling like you have one shot to make and keep goals.  Resolutions are great, but I think with fitness and health it's important to acknowledge that the opportunity to change and move forward is always there. I think it's great to see a new year as a clean slate, but I think along with that mindset sometimes comes a certain attitude about failure. If you're making a big change in your life (or even small ones), there are bound to be missteps along the way. Let's say you got into a funk and didn't work out for a month...rather than get down on yourself, simply decide to change now. Being negative only perpetuates that downward cycle. Instead, recognize that you want to change, and make that change this very second. Not tomorrow morning, not when you have time, not on Monday.  Make the choice now- choose a healthy lunch, a walk around your neighborhood, and get back on track. It's so easy to fall into the trap of putting it off again and again and again, and like the saying goes, if not now, when?

So here are 3 little bits of inspirations to get you moving today.

1. Make a new workout playlist. Nothing is more inspiring to me than having brand new songs to listen to at the gym. I've recently been turned onto Spotify and I love it. For ten dollars a month you can make unlimited playlists to listen to on or offline, no ads, no skipping-song limits...it's awesome. There's a free version too, but I like it so much I had to upgrade. It's worth it to me though- every time I walk into the gym I look forward to listening to new music or old favorites. It's incredibly inspiring and makes my time working out not only more productive, but more fun too.  I mainly workout to rap and hip hop, but sometimes I'll throw some other things in there to mix it up- and feel free to find me on Spotify- I have a huge workout playlist going.

2. Visualize. I've talked about this many times before, but seriously, just take a moment and imagine yourself walking out of the gym, done with your workout for the day! This morning when my alarm went off at 4:45am I just stayed in bed for a moment, positively dreading stepping even one foot onto the ground. But I knew that if I didn't go, when Henry woke up at 7:30 I would be so upset with myself that I didn't take advantage of this wide-open "me" time. I remembered how great I would feel leaving the gym, sweaty and proud of myself. I know I'd be happier and more productive throughout the day knowing that my workout was done, and I reminded myself that I'd be able to just enjoy hanging out later tonight rather than using that time to fit in a workout. So I dragged myself out of bed and went. And now I sit here typing this as Henry naps, and I feel both proud of myself and excited for tomorrow morning's workout. And you don't have to go to the gym either- take a walk outside, pop in an exercise dvd (see some of my favorites here), or do some yoga. The more you get moving, the easier it gets.

3. Do it for you.  Really think about the fact that eating well and exercising regularly has such a great pay off in the long run. Making a change today results in feeling good today. You'll sleep better, you'll look better, and you'll probably be happier too. Show your body respect in the choices you make with food and exercise, try to get outside as much as possible, and make it a point to do something active everyday.  When I feel like I'm too tired and lazy to go to the gym, I remind myself that I'll feel even more sluggish if I don't go.  If I feel like I just want to sleep in in the mornings, I tell myself that I can go to bed a little earlier tonight so tomorrow morning will be easier. It's not always easy, but on the hard days when I push past my own negative talk and make good choices I feel even better knowing I overcame it.

I've talked about all of these things before, but I definitely needed a reminder this morning, so I thought I'd touch on some of it again. My wish for this new year is that we all get a little healthier and accept ourselves a little more...and all of that starts with today. 

Happy getting-healthy! xoxo