A Little Update!

It's Thursday, Hank is home from his business trip, and all is well in the world. Kind of. Today while half walking/half running, Henry fell and hit his mouth. I was almost able to grab him before he hit but I didn't make it in time and he now has an upper lip that rivals Angelina Jolie's. Poor baby. It's horrible to see your little one in pain, and I feel terrible that it happened. From what my Mom friends tell me though it's only the beginning with a little boy (or really any rambunctious toddler).

Outside of Henry's tumble it was a pretty good day though. Miss Madeline got a bath and nail clip and I watched an entire episode of Teen Mom without crying. Or throwing anything at the television. Yes!

Some awesome things going on in my world right now:

1) Transitioning Henry from two naps to one.  Before he was napping from 9am-11am and again 2pm-4pm. That's a lot of sleep but more recently the two hour naps were becoming shorter and shorter, and he was getting increasingly harder to get down for that early nap. It was also a little difficult because all of the fun baby stuff (story time at the library, Mommy and Me, our playgroup) happened during that first nap. I usually would just push it and still go, but that was never fun in the end. So, for reasons beneficial to both of us, I decided to make the switch. I think it was the right choice though, because for the past few days he's been sleeping 12pm-3pm. 

2) My appointment with a naturopath tomorrow. Since having Henry my body has been all wacky. My skin is not at its best, and although I'm sure it's hormones, I just feel unbalanced. I haven't been to the actual doctor in years, and I also think it's time to get a check up. So...I took the recommendations of a few friends and tomorrow is my first visit. It's an hour long intensive appointment and I'm looking forward to seeing what she says! I'll keep you guys posted.

3) The Bachelor. First of all, I know how ridiculous it is to even include this on an "awesome things going on in my world" list. And secondly, I understand this isn't exactly quality programming...but I can't help it, I am such a Bachelor fan. I've been watching both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for years and years and I always enjoy every episode. For the past few seasons Adie and I have spent Monday nights at my house indulging in our favorite show (and snacks and girl talk) and this season is shaping up to be a good one! So much drama! So many psychos! Let's talk about the ladies for a second- the model chick? She's the worst! And how about Blakeley? Both crazy.  It's a trainwreck up in there!  Do any of you watch this show? Who is your favorite so far? Mine fave is definitely Kacie, who was date #1.  But really, let me know all about your opinions on the season- I'm super intrigued. And if you hate the Bachelor let me know too. ;)

I'm signing off but I'll leave you with this fun photo I put together using the Diptic app on my iPhone the other day.  The first baby is me, Henry's in the middle, and Hank is on the right! I can see my facial shape in Henry but I feel like he is the spitting image of Hank! Neat, right?