Tattoo Tuesday V.106

Every once and awhile I like to revisit heavily tattooed Tattoo Tuesday participants and check out what new work they've gotten, and ask them a whole new set of questions! The awesome Nova is here today to talk a little bit more about her tattoos- be sure to check out her original feature also.

Name/blog name: My name is Nova, and my blog’s name is Four Eyes Rella.


Occupation: The person who doesn’t tattoo at the tattoo shop.

Have you gotten any more tattoos since you were first featured on Tattoo Tuesday?

Yes I have! I’m so lucky to work in a tattoo shop with so many cool people... all the tattoos I’m going to tell you about came from Tattoo Zoo in Victoria B.C.

Since my last Tattoo Tuesday interview I’ve gotten a lot of tattoos, actually, now that I think about it. First I got a “party wolf” from Gerry ‘effing’ Kramer on my left foot to match the (Hunter Spanks flash) party panther I have on my right foot.

Cody Walsh tattooed the word “what?” behind my right ear in script and gave me a couple joke tattoos soon after that: the most unconventional spelling possible of the word “awesome” on the side of my finger, and an upside down tattoo on my wrist.

Just above the side of my knee I got a panther head with a moth over its eyes from Kyle Carter. In case you can’t tell by that amazing picture of it, it says “In your face”. Why? Because pretty much all moths do is get up in your face.

Then my sister came to town for a visit. The first day she was here we practically went straight to the shop and got matching Sailor Jerry-ish hearts with “sister sister” in the banners from Gerry and Cody. Aren’t we cute? I got mine on my forearm and hers is on her ankle.

Just recently I got a storm cloud on my shin with a cool banner that says “let it rain” and “let it shine” and it has awesome lightning all flashing out all over the place. This was also a real spur of the moment tattoo, one day at work I asked Gerry (who is my boss) if I could have a tattoo and he said yes and that was pretty much it.

I guess I could describe myself as a tattoo shop vulture. I just lurk around in overhanging branches until I see somebody has some spare time and seems like maybe they’d want to tattoo me and then I swoop down with some great ideas and see what happens.

If you had to pick a favorite tattoo what would it be?

It’s so hard to choose, I like every single tattoo I have for different reasons. I guess right now it’s my chest piece from Colin Wiley. Oh yeah, I also got a chest piece since my last Tattoo Tuesday. Haha.

Anyway there’s not really much to tell, I just really love bees. One of the most interesting jobs I’ve ever had was working on a honey farm, feeding and checking on the bees and basically stealing their honey when they weren't looking. So I’ve wanted a bee tattoo for a while, and when I decided to get one I just kind of went through a book of flower illustrations and liked the poppies the best.

(Insert “boobee” joke here.)

This tattoo took around seven or eight hours, broken up into short two-ish hour sessions before work. Colin and I are both early birds, and usually have two or three hours of quiet time in the mornings before the shop opens, so it worked out well that way. But let me tell you, working a full day while wearing a giant slimy bandage on your chest is not. Fun.

I like this tattoo the most because it’s gorgeous and makes me feel pretty, as lame as that sounds.

Do you have plans to get any more? Do you have any off limits areas?

YES, I definitely have plans for more. In fact my friend/boss Gerry and I have been talking quite a bit about tattooing my kneecaps which is seriously scary to me because my knees are so sensitive. But I really want to have tattoos there so I’m sure I’ll go through with it soon. I tentatively wrote my name in the schedule for next Tuesday. So stay tuned!

I also have a friend in Vancouver who does really cool mandala tattoos and crazy tribal stuff that you can see on his website ( or his tumblr (, I just heard from him today actually, and he’s coming to Victoria just to tattoo a few friends (me included!) and hang out really soon.

AND there are a few guest artists coming to the tattoo shop through 2012 who I’m excited about, I’m sure I’ll try and get tattoos from them too if they’re not too busy!

In general I always seem to have a few kind of vague ideas floating around in my head in case an opportunity arises…for example, I want to get a rose tattoo, something with four eyes like a tiger head or a lady head maybe, an angry wisdom tooth, and there’s a Mexican saying I really want to get somehow as well.

My definite off-limits areas are my face, my ears, my breasts, and my other lady parts pretty much, haha. For now I’m also staying away from my neck and the tops of my hands and fingers and anything too crazy because I’m not a hundred percent sure what the future holds…but I really really like the way they look so you never know.

What has your experience been like as a heavily tattooed female?

I feel like in my last Tattoo Tuesday interview I was a little negative when I was talking about interacting with strangers. I could tell you about the craziest stupidest people who force their way into my day sometimes, but honestly being tattooed hardly affects my regular life. I have a great relationship, two sort of step-kids, a house, car, a cool dog and a mean cat, some really great friends… we just do normal stuff and for the most part people leave us alone. Although I’m sure when our group takes the kids to the swimming pool we get a lot more stares than others might.

What's the weirdest thing anyone's ever said to you in regards to your tattoos?

I’m not sure about the weirdest thing actually. I usually just get the standard “why would you do that to yourself your life is ruined forever you’ll never get a job what about when you’re old did that hurt” thing all the time, it’s so funny how predictable people are. Sometimes I feel like they’re reading off a script. Honestly I can see a condescending weirdo coming a mile away and … let’s just say I’m really good at avoiding people when I want to.

Any last thoughts in regards to getting tattooed?

These are the three things I always bring with me when I get tattooed:

1. A hoodie so I can hide my face in it, I can wear it when I get those creepy tattoo adrenaline chills, and I can clench it in my fists when I’m trying to act cool but am dying on the inside of horrible pain. (haha)

2. Snacks and water and pop and whatever I feel like. Treat yo’ self. It’s a big day.

3. A positive attitude. I can do this, I can make it through this, I want to do this.