Henry: Month by Month

Henry is 15 months old today and I realized last night I never shared all of his monthly photos! It's so neat to see them side-by-side, and then look at him now. He's such a big boy! Henry has his 15-month check-up tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be sharing more about that post-appointment. I should also add that recently Hank and I have been talking about a possible baby #2. Ah! And although we aren't quite there yet, it's been fun imagining Henry as a big brother. I feel like I'm so used to having a boy that if we ended up having a girl it would be such a change. We've had our girl name picked out for the past 7 years and imagining a little lady is so fun, but at the same time, I'd love to have another boy. Either way we'll be happy of course, and it's kind of nice to not have a preference. I'm getting a little ahead of myself here since we are just starting to talk about it, but it's just so exciting that I had to share!

Anyway, here's the collage. I just used fabric, sheets, or curtains that we had around the house to use for the backdrop, and then also displayed all of these photos at his first birthday party. Our family and friends loved it, and it was a fun tribute to those 12 months that had gone by way too quickly. I think my favorite photo from the bunch would have to be from month 5. Although Henry had always been the sweetest thing, it was right around then when his personality really started to emerge. I love all of them, but that picture is just way too cute.

On a side note, when I do this again for any future kiddos, I will definitely not take them laying down. From 9 months on it was a nightmare to try and get our roly-poly, crawling dude to lay on his back for more than 3 seconds. It was downright impossible and not fun at all. Next time I'm thinking a chair or couch photo would work a lot better.