Love Stories: Angie & Jen

Throughout this next, I'll be sharing super sweet love stories from around the internet. I hope you enjoy reading them- I have three more to share over the next few days. Today we are hearing from Angie and Jen, a couple of met online when they were only teenagers. Be sure to stop by Angie's blog and say hello!

How did you and your partner meet, Angie? How long have you been together? When did you know he/she was "the one?"

Our story is one I absolutely love sharing! I was 13 when Jen and I first met. We were both RPers on the same online forum for Harry Potter. We said hi and role-played here and there and I knew there was something about her. On September 13th, 2003 my grandmother passed away. Many of my "friends" didn't care. However, one person DID. Jen shared her thoughts with me, which matched my own. She made me smile and laugh and she helped me through that day. I considered her my best friend.

We talked nearly 24/7 everyday (we were both home-schooled), until February. During that time we were both falling in love with one another. We shared so much, the way two best friends do. In February of '04, Jen told me she loved me and I told her I loved her! On February (Friday) the 13th, she asked me if I'd be her girlfriend and I said YES! Not long after, Jen was worried. She was (is) transgender (male-to-female) and she was worried that if she told me, that I would leave her. She knew she wanted to marry me from day one and vice versa, but she really didn't think I would accept her. When she told me, I only loved her more! I loved her for being honest and for being herself. We were still long distance. Our friends and family said we were young and that we were in "puppy love." Most said we wouldn't last, because of our age, our distance or both.

When I was 16 and one of my Christmas gifts was an engagement ring from Jen and I said yes! When I was 18, I flew from Chicago to SLC to meet my best friend, my fiancee and my soul mate in person. Seeing her, face-to-face, was one of my greatest joys and I moved in that night. One month later on September 13th, 2007, we said "I do"! We're going on nine years best friends, eight years together, five years married and together as soul mates!

What's a typical weekend like for the two of you? How about a date night?

On a typical Winter weekend you can often find us curled up inside, reading (we love reading the same book so we can discuss the plot, characters, etc!) or gaming. We're both homebodies, finding the most joy in spending time together and with our kitties and cockatiel. We have a little ritual where we'll pick up a magazine and flip through while snuggled under covers, talking about the fashion, make-up, celebs, etc. It's fun and relaxing!

During the Summer, we love spending a day (or night - we're total night owls!) outside, grilling up something delicious while sipping on some iced tea and talking. We also love gardening and the weekend is just perfect for that! (Now I really miss summer!)

What makes your relationship work? Or in other words, what's your secret to a long-term, loving relationship? Any advice?

Love, lots of love. Everyday we not only SAY, but show our love. In both big and little gestures. Friendship is another key to our success. We're best friends and big kids together, which results in game nights, joking around, laughter and so much more. Humor is important! We also respect one another highly and support each other completely. We trust one another, which is huge. We know we have one another's best interest in her heart. We're very open minded and extremely communicated. And we have passion for each other, both romantically and otherwise. We're together 24/7 everyday (most think we're crazy - we LOVE IT!) so we think it's important to truly know one another and to, well, get long and love spending time together! All of which we really, truly do.

So in short: Love, Friendship (and Humor), Respect, Trust, Communication and Passion!