Henry: (almost) 16 months

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It feels weird to even type that out- almost 16 months. Slow down time, will ya? Recently I went through this phase where I was so depressed that our little boy was growing up so quickly. I looked through old photos and videos endlessly, trying to remember what it felt like to have his tiny body curled on my chest, what it sounded like as he made those little sleep noises while drifting off to sleep, what it looked like to see tiny baby Henry and his Dad snuggled up on the couch. That nostalgic feeling lasted a day or two, but then it gave way to this overall feeling of happiness that he is indeed growing up, and how wonderful that really is, of course. I think all Moms deal with this, and I've probably dedicated one too many posts to discussing it again and again (and again!), but for good reason- for me it's emotionally one of the hardest things about being a parent. There's this reluctance to let go of the previous stage but at the same time there's the biggest excitement and fascination with the present and future...and I'm sure so many Moms can relate to that.

So now almost 16-month old Henry is walking and talking and is ALL over the place. Seriously. This boy does not leave anything unturned, unopened, unexplored. Which is pretty awesome but of course pretty exhausting for me too, as the main chaser. I can't complain though because I really really love how inquisitive he is, and I'll chase that boy all day if it means he gets to keep figuring things out and learning. He speaks constantly, even though we can't always make out what he is saying. Right now he can say ball, mama, da (short for dada, I guess), up, fan, and some other things he repeats but I have no idea what the meaning is. Henry also says "what's that?" all the time and Hank and I are positive "that's cool" is a regular phrase too...although "das coo" is more what it sounds like. He's the biggest love bug and is always smiling- he's really goofy and silly most of the time. He does lots of funny things- one notable thing is he will grab his blanket and lay down if we say "Henry, time for night-night." It kills me every time. He gives so many hugs and kisses, and he seems to understand most everything we say to him. In short, it's SO much fun and this age is just the best. He's a ham, a wild man, and a cuddle monster all rolled into one.

At the same time, we have one stubborn and headstrong guy on our hands. Tantrums have definitely started. He can go from happy baby to pissed off baby within two seconds, so I've been trying to work with him on that. The main source of his frustration are usually one of two things: if I take something away from him or if I don't allow him into a place he wants to go (like the pantry).  His meltdowns aren't very frequent, but when they happen I try not to react to his outburst, but still let him know I'm there for him. It's tough. I feel like he gets obsessed with things- a water bottle, or a noise maker at music class this morning- and needs to have it. If I take it away he won't calm down until he finds it again, or finds something else to distract himself. Another thing he's been doing lately is "testing" me.  He'll go up to the television, put his hand on it (not allowed), then look back at me for a reaction. I say no, he moves on, but he'll go do something else he knows he isn't allowed to do, like open our bedroom door.  He'll walk around the house doing this. Sometimes it's SO hard not to laugh because he has this huge goofy smile on his face, but I try and remain serious, as tough as it is!

Overall though, we have a very sweet, loving little 15 (almost 16) month old. I love this little guy more every day, and it's only getting more fun as he becomes more and more communicative.  He says a few words now, and I am so excited for the day he says full sentences. I can't even imagine him saying "Mom! I'm hungry! Where's the food?" but I know it will be here before we know it.

Henry's 15 month stats from last month: 23 lbs, 5 oz and 31.5 inches tall. Awesome. I love you Henry!