On my mind today...

our little food shopping buddy!
photo from last night- seriously, look how BIG Henry looks! I can't even believe it...

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I've kept relatively quiet about how sick I've been the past few days but I am finally feeling a tiny bit better so I'd thought I'd share. On Saturday I went to Urgent Care upon returning home from San Francisco and was diagnosed with bilateral ear infection. FUN! Not really. I had actually been having intense headaches for a couple of weeks, along with strange neck pain but I attributed it to stress and tried to ignore it. Flying home made me feel a lot worse so as soon as I landed and made it to my parents' Hank took me to the doctor. The doctor at the Urgent Care put me on antibiotics, but on Tuesday I woke up with a 102.5 temperature. I went to a doctor here in town and he thought that I probably had strep, although my culture would probably come back as negative due to the antibiotics I'd been taking since Saturday. He advised me to finish up the pills, and come back in a week if I was still sick to rule out any other viruses (like mono, ugh!). Anyway, to make a long story short I am still on antibiotics, still feeling terrible, but not as terrible. So that's good. I will say that since weaning Henry I feel like my body has been totally out of sync, from my skin to just overall health. I don't know if that is a normal thing that all Moms experience, but I have never been sick this many times in such a short period of time! So right now I'm just trying to focus on taking it easy and letting my body heal.

In other news, it's so good to be home! I love traveling, but nothing beats coming home to your house, your family, your sweet puppy! I have one more trip planned in two weeks and then that's it for a long time.  I sometimes feel like an unplanned weekend is way too rare around these parts, and I really think we should focus more on having them. Due to me feeling so sick I think this weekend will be one of those, and I'm happy to just relax, relax, relax.

Here are some other things on my mind right now:

1. KONY 2012.

This is all over the internet today, which is awesome...but then I started to research a bit more. I have actually worked with Invisible Children in the past- my last group of seniors had chosen them as one of our outreach organizations for a semester project- but hadn't done much research into their organization as a whole. Whenever I see a large group of people behind something, especially when something goes viral like the Kony 2012 video, I always want to question and learn more about it. This morning I even posted a photo supporting the Stop Kony movement with a link to the video, but after doing a bit of digging decided to take it down, primarily because I didn't feel I had enough information about IC to represent them, and what I did find left me with a lot of questions. The fact that they are bringing this issue to light is wonderful, but I just don't feel comfortable promoting an organization that I am so unsure about. If anything, researching it has left me more confused. At the root of it though, awareness is the most important thing, and they've accomplished that. I'm sure that millions of people who didn't know who Joseph Kony was yesterday, know who he is today. But what I did learn from tweeting about my IC-confusion...is not to tweet about political things ever again. People sure take it personally when you question something they believe in, and although I got a lot of valuable feedback, I was also left feeling like I was so wrong for even wanting to know more. Remind me to stay off of Twitter during the election, please! I don't know if I can take it...

2. The Hunger Games movie

Now I feel kind of weird jumping from a very important topic to something about a movie, but I can't help but write about how excited I am for this premiere. Every single time I watch the trailer I get the chills. I absolutely loved the books, and from what I've seen the movies are going to be awesome. I know it might be hard to judge from a 2 minutes clip but the overall feeling I get is that the film going to portray the book pretty well.  I was contemplating getting midnight tickets on opening night, but I'm so weird about crowded movie theaters that I'll probably wait and see a 9am showing on Sunday or something, along with my Mom and sister. Are any of you planning on seeing the movie? How about the midnight premiere?

3.  Trader Joe's

Another reason to celebrate...Trader Joe's is opening in our little town on FRIDAY. Yes, this Friday. Hank and I have been freaking out pretty much everyday, and last night while food shopping we kept saying "well, we could buy this now...or wait until Friday and buy it at Trader Joooeeee's!" All said in a whispered tone of course, since we were in our local natural foods store, and didn't want to have anyone hear us talking about their competition in such a way! However TJ's will always win for us- there's really no competition- and we feel so happy and lucky we will have one of our very own! I can't wait.

What's been on your mind today? I hope whatever it is, you've had a happy day full of good stuff. And if today wasn't so good, I hope tomorrow is better!

*As always I welcome ALL opinions, but if you do chime in via the comments please keep them respectful and kind. I always feel like I need to add this here if a post takes a political turn, since people tend to have emotion invested in those types of topics. HOWEVER if you leave a comment saying you hate The Hunger Games I will delete you and block you from my blog forever. Those kind of opinions are simply not welcome. ;)