Normal, Everyday Kind of Days


Lately we've been having a whole lot of normal, everyday kind of days. Nothing really special, or out of the ordinary. No big trips or fancy lunch dates. Just Henry and me, hanging out, doing our thing.

Most mornings Henry wakes up at 6:30am, but both his Dad and I have learned that he prefers to lounge about in bed, rolling around in his blanket, and slowly wake up on his own. And finally, at around 7am, he'll usually stand up and announce to the world he's ready to join it. This morning I swear he yelled out, "Alright, I'm up!" his big, toothy good morning-grin evident even in the small monitor's screen.

And so I go in, turn off the noise machine, turn off the camera, and tuck his ever-rotating stuffed animals under the covers in the corner of the crib (we'll see them at naptime, Henry!). I get my big-little baby changed, and then we head out to the kitchen where his cup of milk is waiting for him. Henry drinks in his chair while watching PBS, and while I make him breakfast. His typical first meal is either a waffle or piece of Ezekial toast with almond butter. Sometimes he'll have a slice of quiche or a bowl of oatmeal but he always has fresh fruit- raspberries, strawberries, and bananas, or whatever we have on hand.

He'll sit in his chair and eat slowly while he watches Sesame Street, his blonde bedhead bobbing up and down as he belly laughs along with his favorite characters. After we both eat the television goes off and we do a whole lot of playing. Sometimes we'll go on a walk, sometimes we'll run around in the yard, sometimes we'll curl up in the front room on the brown couch and read for a good hour. He  always likes to always be doing an activity, getting into something, or perfecting his newest hobby, climbing onto things he shouldn't.

During these kinds of days when we stay home, the rest of the day goes by in a whirlwind- naptime, lunchtime, snacktime, naptime again. Then Hank gets home and it's dinnertime-bathtime-storytime-bedtime. And at the end of our everyday-day when Henry is tucked into bed, and Hank and I are relaxing on the couch, I often find myself feeling so grateful for all of the little moments I've gotten to experience over the past ten or so hours. The simple things that made me smile- our routines, the way it feels to work on something everyday with Henry and then finally see him "get it" (like today, with the colors and shapes)...the "mmm" sound he makes when he really likes his lunch, or the way his face lights up when he figures out a puzzle piece that's been frustrating him. It's just neat. And even though we do manage to have lots and lots of special trips and fun outings, I think my most favorite days are these quiet, slower ones at home.

I feel lucky I have this little person in my life to remind me to stop and notice these things. This morning I was putting dishes away when I looked over and saw Henry staring intently out of the window at two red and black birds perched on the back fence. He was transfixed, his eyes wide as they flew away. Sometimes in blogging I feel like it's easy to feel like there isn't much to say if you aren't out doing seemingly amazing things, but sometimes the most interesting and beautiful things happen right at home, and the beauty in your everyday world is the most special thing there is. Because really, I think these are the days I'll always cherish the most, and the ones I will always want to remember- the normal, everyday kind of days.