Today is for...


Today is for...

-making a trip to Costco. I've been avoiding this for the past couple of weeks and this morning my procrastinating self realized we are down to four diapers. Oops! So we are off to one of my least favorite shopping stops. I'm not sure why I dislike it so much- when I was younger I used to love it actually. Huge carts, those magical free samples, and that $1.50 hot dog/soda combo? Count me in! But now the people who push each other out of the way to get those "magical" samples kind of stress me out, and my boring, adult self would not enjoy eating a hot dog, and definitely not drinking a soda. My, how times have changed. But Costco-complaining aside, today's first order of business and taking a little trip there.

-finishing up my summer reading list to share with all of you. Last night I got lost on Amazon, down a worm hole of "recommendations for you," then "people who bought this, also bought this," clicking around for a couple of hours. I found SO many great books I can't wait to read this summer, and I can't wait to share them. So look for that post later tonight or tomorrow evening.

-spending all our time inside. Due to the fire up here in Northern Arizona that is continuing to grow, our air is full of smoke and it's just not feasible to spend time outside. We have to sleep with our windows closed and the second you step outside you can even see the smoke in the air. It's so sad to think about our beautiful forests being destroyed. Here's to hoping they get it under control soon.

-setting my intention and following through. Every hot yoga class my instructor encourages us to set an intention for our practice. I usually work towards being kind to myself- doing the best I can and just letting it be what it is. If I'm really shaky or have trouble with a pose or flow I try to accept it and move through it. Sometimes in class I'll find my inner critic speaking up and letting my mind wander, but lately I've been doing so much better at just being and doing, rather than analyzing it. Other times my intention is to relax, to focus on my breath, or to simply just enjoy. I love the idea and have been implementing it into my mornings also. My alarm usually goes off at 5am, and while I lie in bed I set an intention for the day. Lately I've been really working on loving others- accepting people rather than making snap judgements, trying to see the best in people rather than the worst. Sometimes I find myself being judgey in my mind and it's upsetting- it's something I'm working on and I've found that really focusing on it as a day-to-day intention has been great. This morning for example I woke up and decided that today my intention is to be loving, both to myself and everyone around me. Simple and a wonderful thing to focus on.

So that's my day today! Henry is finishing up his breakfast, and then we are off to Costco to get those diapers. Wish us luck so we don't come home with a 100-pack of frozen waffles or a new leaf blower. Or worse, a pack of two leaf blowers. Because you know how Costco is- suddenly a huge bulk bag of this or that seems like a good idea when blinded by the florescent lighting and lost amidst the giant shelves! And on a side but related note, we've tried so many different kinds of disposable diapers and the Costco diapers are really the best. I love them. Just had to throw that out there.

Happy day to you!