Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 Menswear

After constantly checking Men's wear collection’s for previous times few several weeks, with London, slowly boosting their activity, it’s secure to say that Milan was a large BORE-OFF from me.  Trying to research styles from the catwalks looking for something a little bit redeeming previous the apparent ‘prints’, Norman Bates suits, with a touch of ‘quirky’ to only understand that all the items have previously been done for many and years on end, and will most likely end up being duplicated by some ‘designers’ in Primark for the women area. If anything it motivates other developers to do the same which will cause to everyone dressed in a style uniform…oh wait that has before now occurred.

It is a challenging industry; that we all know. Can we be flooded with any more style whacking films and speculation of wicked style publishers, angry designs and bastard photographers?  WE GET IT! It’s tough! But it’s challenging for one purpose and one purpose alone, cash. Like any area in the art’s currently, creativeness will get you nowhere unless you have the knowledge of income generating. So the easiest factor for designers to do is to create something that will please the public and moreover, offer.

The good ones copy and put their ‘twist’ on factors, but the fantastic ones produce and experiment. So it’s off to Paris we go where the FANTASTIC Dries Van Noten comes in.  I cannot pressure how much skills Dries delivers to the style market. Always motivated by his surroundings; one of the few developers that requires art and changes it into his own form never dropping his visual and identification.

At this point is a few of our preferred looks from the set:

Loose suitable, tight, structured, designed, informal, block, cover up, tartan, camouflage, dark, shiny, knit, nasty  this selection has the whole thing but all done in a natural way which not a lot of people can do. I repel anyone to appear throughout this selection and not like at least one item.

Dries does please the public, but on his own conform. Forward considering and testing maintaining silhouettes that are near to home and regarded secure to a lot of men.

The excellent designers are performers, so subsequent designs is not what it’s regarding for them. They tell you a story that is evoked through what they make and the biggest story teller so far in this season's foreseen men's fashion weeks time has been Dries Van Noten. But there are still a few additional people. let us see who has the greatest satisfied ending.