Types of Dressing: Casual and Power

There are two kinds of dressing: casual and power. While the casual represents denims, shorts, chinos, and relaxed t-shirts, power dressing is all about making a powerful declaration. Power dressing includes dressing to make an effect, to leaving your mark behind, to arriving across as qualified and trustworthy and to perhaps even intimidate others. It is apparent to think how outfits can do all of the above. Well, the right outfits can. And we are here to assist you get your power dressing collection to be able.

1. The fit

We cannot say this sufficient number of times. The fit of your outfits is essential. Get the fit right and half your battle is won. The fit has to be such that it increases your assets and includes your fat areas. It should make you look more leaner, higher and clearer. Wherever you get your outfits from, we recommend you never bargain on the fit.

2. A watch
Nothing makes an intelligent declaration like a powerful branded watch. An investment in a excellent watch of a reliable brand will never go to waste. If anything, it will add lots of significance, elegance to your personality. Buy a watch that fits your wrists and can be worn across events.

3. Brogue shoes
Your shoes will say a lot about the man you are. So you must wear a intelligent pair. Brogue shoes look classy, make a declaration and are for all time in style. Spend money on a pair of black brogues and your shoes are sure to leave their mark.

4. Ties and Cufflinks
If you feel no one notices cufflinks and your tie is not of much importance to your entire power look, then you are considering all wrong. A pair of cufflinks, and a well-woven, shiny shaded tie will add a lot to your power look. Your suit without these is like a cake without cherry. And no one requires a cake without cherries acutely.

5. A briefcase
How can your power look be complete without a proper case? Guys bring back packs. Men bring briefcases. Buy one that is intelligent, useful and filled with meaning. One in which you can bring your iPad and essential files/documents with ease, without one battling for space with the other. Put all the above five components together and you have the greatest power look. A man, who would wear these components right, is sure to appeal others with his appeal. He will drip of authority and command respect. You can be all this too. All you have to do, is Power Outfit.

How To Choose Stylish Shoes For Kids

Just like the grown-ups, kids these days, prefer wearing footwear that highlight their personality. Kids are born with the added advantage of cuteness. Hence, anything they wear suits them perfectly well. Kids, who are a little older for their age, always fancy shoes that match their distinctive taste. Here are the top ten children’s shoes their parents should look out for :

Mary Janes: These classic girls’ footwear has been popular in the past and still is.This is why you will see them almost in all shoe stores.Usually made of black or patent leather, these shoes have a very distinctive style.The best way to sport them is with skirts and dresses.Don’t forget to wear socks with them.

Canvas Shoes: These shoes most apt for casual outings such as picnics and school trips.They are amazingly comfortable as they are made of very soft material.The laces or straps, in some cases, grip the foot tightly and prevents from slipping.

Deck Shoes: These sturdy pair of leather shoes is great for boys who love adventure and sports.There rubber sole have a firm grip and hence, helps running around more easily.

Leather Shoes: These Are a must have for formal occasions.

Bar Shoes: They girls’ shoes are best fitted for casual and semi-casual occasion.Made of leather, these shoes provide extreme comfort to the feet.

Boots : Nobody’s wardrobes are complete without a pair of boots.They are an epitome of style, strength and comfort.

Crocs :  Crocs are the ultimate symbol of casual and comfort.Girls and boys alike, they suit everyone and every outfit.

Sandals : Very important for beaches and relaxing past times, sandals for kids look very stylish otherwise as well. Make sure, you buy them in variety of colours to match with your outfit.

Trainers and Sneakers : Who doesn’t like sporty pass times? If there is comfortable footwear to run and jump around, the feeling is just amazing.

Pull Ons : Pair them smart casuals and you are good to go conquer the world.

Your Style can Change Your Life

The intelligent guy in the loose shirt and baggy trousers goes unseen and the foolish flirt in the well-fitted denims and intelligent Benetton t-shirt draws attention. This is not the scene from a high-school/college university. This is the scene from lifestyle. If you existing yourself well, you will succeed. If not, the converse will occur.

Men Fashion Style

1. Well-fitted clothes
The fit and form of your outfits will improve your personality. Many people believe that buying costly outfits shows well on them. The true be bold, it is not the money that issues, it is the fit and structure that does. Buy outfits that fit your body shape and improve your assets. Dressing considerably, and wisely will affect how people cure you.

2. Grooming
If outfits will add to your personality, then grooming yourself will add five stars to it. A excellent hairstyle, trimmed beard or shaven look, well maintained nails, a good posture are all vital to make you look like a wonderful, well groomed man. Grooming yourself will persuade folks to talk to you and take you sincerely.

3. Fit body
Style goes away from fashion and perfectly goes into the fitness zone. A fit body, in addition to a well groomed overall look and an costly looking clothing collection will significantly modify your lifestyle for the excellent. 30 minutes of exercise per day is excellent to keep you fit and healthy. Stick to the fundamentals and move your exercise schedule. This will assist you feel much better about yourself and this inner feeling of pleasure will indicate in your relations with others.

4. Accessories
A excellent observe, a smart pair of sunglass, a rich pair of cufflinks – these are simple components but they can include a great lot to your look. Teaming a well-fitted suit with the right cufflinks or dressed in the right fantastic glares on a warm day out will get others to see how well turned out you are.

The changes we have described above are small and simple. But the effect they can have is large and lasting. People observe these simple factors and it is these factors that play an important part in developing your picture in the minds of individuals. So, alter your style and see how it changes your lifestyle changes for the better.

Latest Top 10 Mobile Phone Price List in UAE

Mobile Phones Price List

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Apple Iphone 5
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Samsung Galaxy S3

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Sony Xperia Z
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Simple Men's Fashion Tips On How To Dress Right

A lot can be told about a man's character by the way he dresses.His entire outfit, including the accessories and his shoes give away what he thinks and act.In fact, what he wears and how he wears it tells a lot about his tastes in various things. For instance, a man wearing unpolished shoes with a nice suit says he is lazy and doesn't care about his appearance. It also says that he does not give importance to minute details like polishing his shoes before stepping out of the house. It also says he is all about outer appearance but inside, he is shallow. If  you to find this relatable, it is high time you changed your habits. Most women prefer well groomed men as they appear to be of reliable character.Here are some simple men's fashion tips which you can incorporate in your daily life:


1.The first rule you need to learn is wear clothes that fit you properly.Not too loose and not too tight, just perfect fit. Experts suggest that the more your clothes fit you at the right places the better it is.

2.The way you dress gives the same impression.Thus, inculcate the habit of wearing mature clothes, whatever may the occasion be. Donate t shirts with cheesy and crude messages and fill your wardrobe with polo t shirts.

3.Keep accessories to minimum and try to keep your clothing simple.Experts also believe that men of good taste should always dress their age. Also learn how to coordinate the colors of your outfit. Accessories and shoes should also be well coordinated with it.

4.When dressing for any occasion, it is always wise to dress better than others and less than them. This makes you stand out in the crowd as others take notice of you.

5.Lastly, dress according to the occasion. Nothing can be more disastrous than  sporting junk Jewellery at an office party.

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How to Wear Skinny Ties

A thin little item of fabric can complete your official look. Yes, a tie is what your suit desires and a skinny one at that; it will turn your ordinary clothing to a fun and lively one. Even as the idea of skinny ties originated back in the late 1960s, this pattern never goes out of style and is, actually, regarded a fashion forward statement. So read below the guidelines to expert the art of wearing in skinny ties:

For a semi-formal look, team up a traditional button down shirt with shiny stunning shaded skinny ties like red, yellow, blue, green, violet your options are endless! Keep in mind those well fixed trousers also. Skinny ties are all about being young and attractive.

Skinny Tie

You can opt for a informal look by dressed in skinny tie with anything that has a collar. Wear it with a shirt, a vest coat and move up your sleeves. A pair of denims and you will be relabeled to the God of funk and awesome informal. Experiment with colors and patterns but keep it informal and simple. Sharp, catchy prints on your skinny ties will go well with a white shirt or any strong shaded shirt. But if you are wearing printed tie with printed shirt, be sure to keep it simple and not be brazenly strong.

Skinny tie generally suit men that are skinny and tall. Obese men might want to prevent wearing them as the Skinniness of the tie will add more pounds to their frame. Add a gold or silver tie video to give it a innovative look.

Skinny ties go best with dinner jackets but a silk or satin skinny tie will appear extremely attractive with that well fixed tuxedo you have to in your clothing collection Men are often puzzled about the length of a tie, accurately how long should it be? Your tie should sit right above your waist line or belt regardless of the look you are going for. Anything below or greater than your waist line is a tight no-no.

Constantly make sure to keep it stylish and not go over the top while trying to do so. Be modern but plain; do not experiment too many shades in one clothing. If you are going for a vivid red skinny tie, we recommend you wear a crisp white clothing rather than including more shade.

Don’t wear a skinny tie if there is no collar. The pattern of wearing a tie on a T-shirt is one we don't suggest. A little too stylish for us, we think. So do not ignore the collar while wearing that tie!
We recommend skinny ties over other styles to create a awesome, trendy and intelligent look. Time to shed those further calories, boys!

Hot Girls in Shorts and Skirts

For a perfect casual summer look, you can never go wrong with a pair of stylish shorts and skirts for hot girls.

Add Final Touch to Your Outfits

Adding the little final touches to your outfit which will add that much required spark to your overall look. Be a complete man and keep in mind to consist of those small information that will make a wide difference to your look. This article tells you all about the significance of adding finishing touches that will end your look and keep no space for mistake.

Final Touch for your Outfit

Accessorizing a dress not only finishes your look, it too delivers out your personality and personifies your style. Components are the ultimate information that make you go from dull to sizzling! Good choice of accessories can help you make unusual looks for different activities. Few illustrations of adding these products to your look are mentioned below; Well fitted trousers, a shirt and a belt; add a smart watch and nail that meeting for your desire job.

A hat or shades in the summertime is a fantastic way to decorate an mid-day look. Carry a bag that makes a declaration and is also able to bring all your necessary documents/laptop etc. Wear a tie for a official look or replace it with a fashionable scarf to go the informal way.

Make the right choice
While adding final touches, it can get tricky and a lot can go wrong if the choice is not correct. A well selected set of items can either create or crack your look. It is essential keep the occasion and the recognized look in mind before you make improvements. Opt for lighter colors for ties for an office look; shiny colors or printing can get a little off track but will be ideal for a official celebration. Do not add too many factors to a dress with an intend to look excellent. Going overboard will make you wish you did not add those additional products. The concept is to keep it healthy, complete and stylish. Accessories like belts, ties, purses, watches etc. can put factors together and also highlight your outfit and enhance your look. Just make sure you add only what precisely is essential.

Keep it stylish
Although we know that your pants are large and you need a belt to pull it together, we do not realize why you would get the most awful looking one on your waist for people to see. Belts and buckles are excellent, minus of the gaudy shiny styles. In the same way, wear shades that suit your face, hat that suits your head and a tie that does not look like you have just conducted in a circus. Be fashionable not trashy.

Stare into the mirror and think twice if you have to, ‘did I miss something?’ I’m confident you will ‘reflect’ and see for yourself the distinction in your look. It is the finishing touches that will make an effect and a lasting effect.

A Guide to Wearing Trench Coats

The trench coat is a classic garment that can put in a punch of handsome to any outfit a man wears. This vintage piece earned its name from the protection and mobility it offered to the men fighting in the well-known trenches during World War 1.

But today it’s all over, right from city streets to corporate offices, more as a fashion statement. Burberry, pioneers in this classic piece of clothing, made the first trench coat with gabardine wool fabric that defy the extreme weather days. They came in single or double-breasted military style and were belted, half-belted, or unbelted, depending on the whole look of the ensemble and the place, where it is to be worn. But today, cotton bases are favorite over the old gabardine and wool bases as they are lightweight and comfy.

Trench Coat

Shoulder tabs, raglan sleeves for console are some of the key features, which set up its place integral even in the modernized avatar. The most wanted after colors are the classic beige and khaki which go superlative with a formal look. Black and navy colors are a cutting edge. For a more daring street look, go for a bright tone to a textured base. A distressed pair of blue denims with a rugged washed tee or polo will serve the reason.

A button down shirt, with a trench, is a strict NO.
Vintage ‘D’ ring is still famous in some of the classic pieces. So belt it for that nipped waist, completely buttoned, ending 3-4” above the knee and you are ready with the slick modern version of this vintage clothing. A well tailored cuffed trouser with clean leather accessories and a scarf will entire the group.

The fit of it should let sufficient room to lodge a blazer, pullover or a waistcoat beneath. But be alert! Too much volume will give you a messy look.

For the casual look, single breast goes down really well, while double breast is still the common choice. The trendier version can be shorter. It might be left unbelted, although tying a knot makes it look all the more classy.

Pair it up with rinsed denims. Team it with a solid polo or a casual washed cotton bottom with a washed cotton shirt tucked out. Accessorize with a cross shoulder messenger bag and a flat tweed cap or any other sporting headgear.

Tips for Your Looks and Attire

Tips for you about how to be fashionable with your outfit and looks and most of all how to be yourself.

1. Keep it easy and simple. Your looks should be comfortable and not pressured. Always be relaxed and composed about them. Don't try much than what you can take. Never try to overdo factors for the sake of just impressing others.

2. For all time give more significance to comfort. It should be placed ahead of fashion. A good-looking attire which keeps you actually agonized is no excellent. Calm is essential - both actually and emotionally.

3. Color and jewelry look excellent only until they don't make a Xmas tree out of you. Going over the top with jewelers and color is not especially very cool for men.

4. While they say loyalty is the best plan, they're right. If what you're dressed in is not emotionally suitable with you, you shouldn't wear it. What you wear should be like a second skin and not just a simple add-on.

5. Follow your intuition, particularly when you are planning to overhaul your looks. Don't rely specifically on others for advice, even if there's no harm in looking for guidance.

6. Accessories are signs of your taste. Your shoes, ties, cufflinks, belts etc. highlight your outfit.

7. Your experimentation is all the time excellent, called-for. But it should not steal your real identification from you. Don't become one of those figures from Star Wars under the garb of experimentation.

8. Strive and go for Eco-friendly items. We can at least spare some believed for our environment.

Clothing Collection for Summer Fashion

Summers are here in its full power and this demands a change in wardrobe. Therefore, people, get ready for a fast wardrobe cleansing.

One of the important factors in men's style this Spring Summer’13 is color preventing – adding bold block shades to make fantastic looks that yell assurance.

Loafing around…..versatile shoes, ideal for relaxing about at a sluggish Weekend situation.

It’s all about big spacious bags this year.

Reinventing the classic men choice of stripes and checks with their own perspective – be it shirts, pants, jackets or even bags.

White suits...must have, but BE WISE!!

It’s the nature cry this spring….linen scarves.

Plaid and thin ties are the neck.

Go international in loose knits.

Braided or rope belts carry out the informal and easiness of the season.

Don’t shed the shades…eye ware.

Olive and baby blue…are the shades of the season. (MensXP.com)

Top 10 Guidelines of Style

Style must be a very personal matter and so should indicate your way of lifestyle and principles. Some are vivid with their taste and some might mostly show what they think is suitable for the event.

When you s looks, successfully, there happens to be thin line. Below given rules will aid you determine right and wrong – pay interest to your intuition.

Men Fashion1. Do not try too difficult. The look should not be pressured but relaxed.
Place comfort before fashion, rather than the other way around. Calm is essential both at the physical and actual stage. A bit might be excellent looking but if it is not comfortable, what exactly is the point?

2. The amazing UN-matching look of placing components that do not actually match, but look excellent together, does not need expertise. Do not go for it, if you are definitely sure of the look.

3. Do not sacrifice quality in creating your personal style. There are certain items in a man's outfits collection, that are worth investing in. A well designed suit or a jacket, will ‘shape’ itself to your body.

4. Always keep in mind there's a time to place for everything. Dress as per the occasion and needed rule.

5. Accessories are the measure of taste. Your scarves, shoes, ties, cufflinks, belts…they emphasize your outfit, so they have to be ideal. Having said that, how can we forget the tie knot. If it’s firm and big, it’s sad!!

6. Twist... a classic piece, looks real fashionable. A whole collection can be created exciting with the play of color, proportion and styling.

7. Wow people with your taste and personality , not your investing energy. Designer outfits are great; they remain you in fashion and up on the current styles, but pick your items depending on how they seem to you, not just for the brand.

8. The basic thumbs rule is to suits your leathers with your leathers and your materials with your materials. Follow to this easy formula by hanging out into the mad, mad world of mismatched attire!

9. Color and jewelry are excellent, seem to be like a Xmas tree is not. This is particularly true for a men's outfits look. Men can carry off color and one should experiment. Jewellery can be outstanding. But going over the top is not recommended.

10. Mens’ outfits should be a mix of technological and innovation. (MensXP.com)

Dressing to Stand Out in a Crowd

How are you expected to get noticed in a audience when they are all dressed up? That is a challenging one and the response to that can be found in the better things that you must to get noticeable, observe and alter. Everyone dresses to look their best for an event and we tell you how you can shine through the audience with these simple methods.

Men's Dressing Sense

Tuxedo with a Twist
Everybody would wear a black tux, what's special about yours, you ask? Well, we are referring to innovation here. So wear a dark shade that will shine under the light. Be sure it’s the perfect fit, the wallet trimmings, covered buttons are made of satin and the tux is fully ironed to quality. Wear a shirt with French cuffs and keep in mind to put on the right shoes and a clean hair style. How you can crack the monotony is by dressed in a shiny shaded pocket square or a bow tie in place of a regular tie. You can even go for a velvety coat to look breathtaking or a white dinner jacket to actually get noticed amongst the darks.

Choose Your Charm
To get noticed in a audience, a few part of your clothing desires to get noticed as well. Start by choosing one such stand-out piece that will absolutely give you an advantage above the rest. Based on the event, you can choose from a printed bow-tie or skinny tie, a exclusive jacket, vintage components, limited edition shoes or a strong shaded product that does indeed get noticed. Just the once you have chosen your fashionable appeal, team it right with the rest of your clothing.

Eye of the Tiger
Sharp dressing is one thing; exclusive dressing needs an eye of a tiger- which means an eye for details. It is the excellent and little details that want your attention which can certainly build a huge variation to your look. Ensure to coordinate your cufflinks to your other metals, check if the length of your tie is just right, the collar sits fully or your shoes desires some polishing. Specific dressing reveals your limit to create excellence. Specific perfection for all time helps to be a star between the audience.

Be You
You can either try too hard and fall out or be yourself and stand out. Looking excellent is straight impartial to feeling excellent. Stand high, be yourself, be assured and observe while the audience looks at you in awe while you get into that room. Force yourself a little out of your calm zone and take that additional attempt to look excellent. Believe in me, it’s worth the taken.