Hand Bags, Fashion and Art!

 One of the best things about studying fashion design is being constantly surrounded by vibrant and inspiring artwork created by your fellow teachers and students!
There is always a spring of excitement throughout the hallways of a fashion college, whether it's the quirky design students buzzing around in their stylish ensembles or the layers of garments and accessories being crammed together on racks.
 The copious amounts of colours inside the classrooms create interesting visuals and textures for the wandering eye to look at, as well at to remind you how many talented minds are in your presence every day!

Grooms - Choose Your Wedding Attire

Groom wears are commonly believed to be essential in wedding ceremonies; however, they are also less essential than bridal dresses on the big day. Since brides are always the center of everyone, which results in fewer concentration on grooms. As a matter of fact, the men’s attire is just as important as the bride’s! Then how to select the right groom attire for men?

First of all, you need to remember that the vintage wedding suit should be adapted for the academism of the marriage and time of day, and should be in band with the bride’s gown. If you are accepting an academic wedding, the men in the conjugal affair should abrasion tuxedos. If your marriage is on the beach, accept something that fits the ambiance and ambiance. Do your homework! I action the aforementioned admonition for men’s accoutrements as I do for the ladies! Alpha searching at conjugal magazines and seek the Internet for the styles you like. Accompany pictures with you to your arrangement so the accessory can best advice you.

Groom Wedding Attire

If you would like to match the vest and/or ties with the bridesmaids’ dresses, accompany a swatch of bolt with you to the cape store. Cape accessories appear in a advanced array of colors, so something is apprenticed to match! You should alpha arcade for male wedding outfits 4 months before the wedding, and assets it at atomic one ages above-mentioned to the event. If your marriage is during brawl season, accord yourself added time to assets attire.

When allotment a cape rental store, ask the afterward questions: Do they accumulate accouterment in banal or how bound can they access backup pieces? How bound can alterations be made? When will accoutrements charge to be returned? How abundant of a drop will be needed?

When you accept groomsmen who are out of town, animate them to accept their abstracts taken in their hometowns by a professional, and again forward them to the cape abundance analogous the rentals. Conjugal affair associates should try on their accoutrements a few canticle before the ceremony. If there is an affair with outfits or fit, the abundance will accept time to boldness it.

All in all, do not forget try on the groom attire in advance. Moreover, you’d better have a try on the attire in advance so as to benefit latter alterations, if there are any. Chances are that you may need to have minimal alterations of the clothes. When everything is ready, you can then enjoy your time on that special and big day.
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How To Choose Designer Shoes Online

More often than not, Brand New shoes cause blisters on our feet.This happens even though the shoes seemed extremely comfortable when they were bought.Blisters mainly occur because new shoes are rigid. Especially, when the shoes are closed at all sides, such as women's pumps, they tend to form sweat.They rub against the vulnerable areas of the feet and cause friction.As a result, blisters form on our ankles and toes making it very difficult and painful to walk.However, this lasts until normal wear and tear stretches it to accommodate your feet comfortably.This might take several days to take place.But certain prevention can speed up the process for your convenience:

1. Shoe bites can either cause awful blisters or in some cases water blisters.Therefore, in order to avoid getting infection, apply antiseptic cream as often as possible.This will help the bruises heal faster.

2. In case, it is a water blister, equal amount of precautions must be taken. Medical experts believe, that water blisters should not be punctured or the skin be removed.This would expose the bruise to infection.Unless it is absolutely necessary, use a sterilized needle and cotton to puncture the water blister.

3. Keep the blisters covered with band-aids every time you step out of the house. It will protect them from getting harmed any further.However, when you are at home, leave it open so that the air dries it up quickly.

4. Next time when you wear the same sandal wear it with a protective pads on the affected areas to prevent any more friction.

I stumbled across this high pitched version of Mariah Carey's song "I'll be Loving you Long Time" on youtube. It's super cute and addictive, but I think thats enough internet for me today! ^_^

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Top 5 Perfumes of 2013!

My collection of heaven!

5. Princess by Vera Wang
Although this scent has been around for a while, its gorgeous floral sweet smell is simply irresistible and can really make you feel like a princess for a day!

Top notes: Waterlily, lady apple, mandarin, meringue and apricot.
Middle notes: Guava, tiara flower, tuberose, and dark chocolate.
Base notes: Pink frosting, vanilla, amber, and woods.

4. Dot by Marc Jacobs
Nothing will make you feel more closer to nature than this scent. Its fresh and vibrant allure will redefine your spring/ summertime this year!

Top notes: Red berries and pitaya fruit.
Middle notes: Honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom.
Base notes: Coconut water, vanilla, driftwood and sensual musk.

3. Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

If you've got a sweet tooth then this scent is for you. The price is great and can be worn day or night. Either way it will definitely make your admirers crave for candy!

Top notes: Exotic framboise, black cherry, and plum.
Middle notes: Night orchid, freesia and iris.
Base notes: Amber, musk and vanilla.

2. Angel by Thierry Mugler
Sophisticated and elegant, this scent will reflect a time of innocence in your life, where you were truly angelic! 

Top notes: Melon, coconut, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, bergamot,and cotton candy.
Middle notes: Honey, apricot, blackberry, plum, orchid, peach, jasmine, lily of the valley, red berries and roses.
Base notes: Tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel.

1. Pleats Please by Issey Miyake
This scent will definitely bring your sexy back! Perfect for a date  or an exciting night out, it's sensual exotic notes will make you the most desirable person in the room!

Top notes: Asian hybrid fruit Nashi (mixture of pear and apple).
Middle notes: peony, sweet pea, indole molecule. 
Base notes: Patchouli, cedar, vanilla absolute and white musk.

Opt for a Groom Tuxedo for the Big Day

When you’re getting wed many of the vigilance is concentrated on the bride and her marriage dress, but let’s not overlook about the groom. While you can gaze for tuxedos or other prescribed wear for the groom as early as you desire, you actually shouldn’t be producing any last conclusions until the bride has selected her dress. Once the marriage gown has been chosen then it’s time to start contemplating prescribed wear options.

Set apart an afternoon to proceed looking at formal wears. Try to convey an image of the bride’s gown and swatch of material if possible. If you’ve currently chosen the gowns for your bridesmaids trial to convey an image and swatch from their gowns as well. When you are buying converse to the salesperson about your tux, mention any topics you are going to have. Also be certain to convey up the designated day, time and if any part of the observance will take location outside. If you are having an outdoor observance or greeting it will decisively have an influence on the material.

You should visit not less than 3 distinct shops and you should try on not less than 3 distinct vintage wedding suitto get what you like and what you don’t like. Once you find certain thing you like confirm you proceed over some of the details. Let them understand how numerous persons are in your marriage party, be certain to encompass the dad of the groom and bride in supplement to the escorts and groomsmen, glimpse if you can discuss a discount.

Find out how much you have to depart as a deposit and when the balance is due. Know what their principle is for decrease and damages. Are tops, footwear, cummerbunds, suspenders, cufflink, and studs encompassed, if not what are the additional charges? When will they require measurements and last fittings? Do they offer male wedding outfitsand pickup? While this may appear like many of inquiries it can hold you from getting strike with any concealed allegations subsequent on.

Aside from your body kind, you may furthermore have to take into account the time of wear for your tuxedo. The general direct is that daytime wear is more casual than evening time wear whereas you can play round with this direct contemplating that it’s your exceptional day. For demonstration, very dark tuxedos are befitting for evening time prescribed happenings while white tuxedos are healthy daytime semi-formal wear. [source]

Disney Fashion

Inspiration Board!
Hey Mickey!
Mickey sweater- General Pants, cap- LA dodgers, necklaces and clutch- Forever New.
Lips- Russian Red M.A.C xx

Get your own disney look!!

Ariana Grande- Baby I

New song obsession!!

How to choose your wedding outfits

What to put on at a wedding ceremony is truly among the far more uncomplicated dilemmas actually you will arrive at solve. When you would be the single obtaining married, the purchase from the day time would be to arrive in some thing stylish however secure for you; occasionally a play-safe dim men’s match does the trick. When you undoubtedly are a guest, it’s heading to consider you close to searching for hints through the wedding ceremony planners. Don’t be concerned however; because it is clear that that which you will put on will possibly be some thing equally handsome, but not as handsome since the groom himself.

If you undoubtedly are a guest, study at the rear of the invitation’s information when the vintage wedding suitis not explicitly stated. when the kind about the paper, the card stock itself, the language… all signal "formal", then you certainly can count on it how the wedding ceremony will possibly be formal, too. About the other hand, the invitation may possibly be some thing that merely announces straightaway which you have to see your buddies get hitched. With this, company is becoming encouraged to go for any wonderful casual outfit.

Style icon Amanda Brooks opines that wedding ceremony garb falls below 3 categories: exceedingly formal, respectfully conventional, and eccentric. She rightly conceded that all 3 are sensible as prolonged as they jive with and complement the general atmosphere from the wedding, its location, what the bride is wearing, as well as the qualifications or occupation of most from the guests. An intelligent suggestion from her is the simple fact that the groom should post out the information that he will be the guy from the hour, so why not the subtle flower about the lapel?

An instance from the quantity of headaches how the planners may possibly come upon is the simple fact that what when the soon-to-be-couple are at odds–fashion wise, at most. As in any debate, an answer is reached the moment in time equally concur to fulfill inside center on their wedding ceremony day. If she will be the single with higher course √©lan, then she can go for any much less elaborate hairdo. If he has the devil-may-care attitude, a silk tie and pinstripe men’s match will be the answer.

To wrap up, some final moment tips in your get up depending about the wedding’s time, and theme. For daytime weddings, light-colored men’s fits will completely be the in issue on summers, particularly linen or seersucker. Tying the knot in colder climes will possess the adult males in wool suits, a navy blazer with charcoal pants, and maybe a sweater and tie below a blazer. If possible, do not do devoid of the suit or even a blazer at least. And remember your etiquette; tuxedos are no-no’s prior to six pm.

If the celebration is afterwards on inside evening, then choose dim men’s suits. When the invitation says casual or semi-formal, then ease up a tad and perform it awesome using a blazer and slacks using a wonderful tie.

Now, what when the notch is way up higher and its all dead-seriously dark tie? A tuxedo is your safest bet. If it says imaginative dark tie, there ought for being a tuxedo just the same, paired this time maybe using a dark shirt or collarless light shirt. [source]

Contrasting Style look!

cheerleader varsity bow
studded leather jacket
vintage varsity skirt

This look focus's on taking two different styles and combining elements from each of them together to create one contrasting look. Aka- Cheerleader meet the Nirvana grunge trend!!

Gift Your Boy Something Unique This Year

The young mind is a very impressionable mind and by the age of five children starts developing their taste. Therefore it is very crucial to keep track of what kids are learning from their surroundings. Thanks to internet, video games and television, boys have become quite lazy and inactive these days; they are most at risk. However, there are parents who still believe in gifting age-appropriate presents to their boys. This helps in protecting his innocence until he is of age. But what are age-appropriate gifts for boys and how to distinguish them from others? Here are some suggestions:

1. Most toy stores stack games and toys age wise. These include educational board games and toys, and non-educational games, which help in mental growth. That is why they are great as gifts according to a boy's age. There are even games and toys that cultivate the creative bend of their mind.

2. Unlike girls, who love fairytales, fantasy and similar stories, boys prefer adventure, mysteries, thrillers etc. Thus, books make a perfect gift for boys who have more refined tastes. Books always make you imaginative and curious which all the more necessary for young minds.

3. Footwear is another great idea for gifting purposes. You've been buying branded sneakers and athletic shoes for your boys for a while now. This year gift him something new; gift him boys’ sandals. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for summers as they can be worn with casual and semi-casuals. They are perfect for beaches as well. Available in a variety of styles and designs, these sandals are already a hit with many boys. After all they look so charming in them.

Most often, boys of same age group, show inclination towards similar things, such as bikes, video games, merchandised products etc. But the elders must understand, giving into every demand of their children do them no good.

Switch to Online Shopping in Delhi for a Classy Pair of Sunglasses

There were times when branded sunglasses had reasonably high prices but nowadays, most people prefer to select their designer pair of sunglasses from noted brands. In fact, branded sunglasses are uniquely designed to suit the taste and style of modern individuals. Getting the right pair of sunglasses requires you to consider many important points. For example, you should go for a pair of glasses which suits your face. Apart from frame you should also consider on the quality of the lens. Thus, only by a thorough consideration of features, you can actually make a perfect and stylish selection of your sunglasses.

Though, a simple pair of sunglasses too requires a thorough comparison but these days there are numerous online stores which features some of the best branded sunglasses for both men and women. Clear images and added features of the products are given which indeed makes selection an easy task. Apart from sunglasses, online stores are rather a huge showcase of all fashionable and stylish products. With a few simple precautions, you can actually end up getting the best and most trusted products at online stores.

For online shopping in Delhi, the best option is to have a glance at the popular online store Majorbrands. This store is rather a smart guide to all your fashion needs. The popular brands of sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women include Aldo, Park Avenue, Provogue, Opium and many more. Shopping of these branded products from physical stores will demand a high amount of price. On the other hand, at Major Brands, you can actually avail to all these products at minimal rates. Apart from perfect sunglasses, this online shopping portal also features a selected collection of apparel, accessories and footwear. In fact, the popular brands at affordable rates makes selection rather easy and cost effective.

These stylish and classy sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women also form as ideal gift items for your loved and dear ones. So, do not miss the chance of gifting these exclusive items. Majorbrands.in is rather one of the most popular online shopping portal for online shopping in Delhi. Though this portal has a fast shipping but as shoppers you should also be aware of the return policies and other terms and conditions. This will give you a great shopping experience with the added assurance of your secret bank details. So, gear up for online shopping in Delhi and join in the trend of fashion and style.

The Essential Fashion Accessories for Men

When it comes to fashion accessories for men, they have limited options to choose from. However, this doesn't mean that fashion accessories are unimportant for men. High end fashion accessories can add charm and detail to casual and formal wear of men. Listed below are some must have fashion accessories for every man.

Watches: The watch is an all-time favorite accessory for men and they tend to wear it on almost all occasions. Despite meaning functional, it serves as a great fashion accessory. Men need to make sure that the watch they wear should with their clothes at various events. Wearing an elegant watch with sports outfit or the other way around will spoil your look. So it is important for you to wear watch according to your clothes.
Tie and Scarf: There are many who finish their overall outfit with a tie or scarf. Men who are more inclined toward casual dressing style will wear scarf. On the other hand, sophisticated outfits for men must be matched with a tie.

Sunglasses: They are also becoming a popular fashion accessory among men as they can instantly transform a simple outfit into a fashionable one. It is therefore important for men to choose a pair of sunglasses wisely. Make sure that the pair you choose is complimenting you face shape.